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Rock climbing in Western Turkey

The map opposite shows the main rock climbing and sport climbing areas in Western Turkey.  The climbing is located around the cities of Istanbul, Bursa and Izmir. 

Rock Climbing areas in Northwest Turkey

No Crag Total No. of Routes Number of Routes in Grade Range
Up to 4+ 5 to 6a+ 6b to 7a Over 7a+
1 Ballikayalar 111 8 52 29 22
2 Geyve 108 0 29 42 37
3 Golpazri 43 0 6 10 27
4 Pelitozu 75 1 14 26 34
5 Narlidere 67 0 39 14 14
6 Kaynaklar 174 0 52 59 63


Map of the rock climbing areas in Western Turkey

Map of the rock climbing areas in Western Turkey

A rock climbing guide to Western TurkeyAll of the climbing described here is on limestone rock, with all of the information extracted from the guidebook called “A rock climbing guide to Western Turkey”.  This guidebook is available to buy from our shop.

Generally the style of climbing is bolted sport routes with the vast majority being single pitch. However at Geyve there is a mixture of multi-pitch traditional routes as well as single pitch sport routes. 

Izmir is close to many of the tourist areas in Turkey.  Therefore the rock climbing at Kaynaklar near Izmir is an excellent location to include a few days climbing as part of your general holiday.


A rock climbing guide to Western Turkey

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