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Rock Climbing around Osp in Slovenia, Trieste in Italy and Northern Croatia

Osp in southwest Slovenia is the undisputed centre of Slovenian climbing, attracting climbers from all over the world.  The crag is a high U-shaped wall that sits above the old picturesque village of Osp.  The quality of the limestone rock is superb with all the routes well bolted. Some of these routes are up to 140m long though there are also many single pitch routes.  The style of climbing ranges from pleasant face climbs on vertical and slightly overhanging walls with sharp positive holds, to very overhanging routes that require stamina and determination.  At Osp there are well over 200 routes across a wide range of grades.   Also close by are 2 further crags; Misja Pec with its steep powerful single pitch routes mainly in the higher grades; and Crni Kal offers single pitch routes mainly in the lower grades. 

Just across the border in Italy, there is rock climbing around Trieste, with 8 separate crags. Val Rosandra is the most extensive and it also offers some multi-pitch routes.

The climbing in northern Croatia is not as extensive as the crags around Osp and Trieste, though they do offer the best potential for developing new routes. Visit our Istria page for more information regarding these crags.

Crags of Southwest Slovenia, Trieste in Italy, and Northern Istria in Croatia

No Country Crag Total No of routes Height of routes General orientation of the crag
1 Italy Doberdo 24 8 to 20m South
2 Italy Sistiana 33 10 to 40m Southeast
3 Italy Aurisina 25 7 to 20m Northwest
4 Italy Grotta Caterina 23 7 to 20m Northwest
5 Italy Costiera 63 10 to 40m South
6 Italy Santa Croce 13 8 to 12m Southeast
7 Italy Napoleonica 273 7 to 30m South
8 Italy Val Rosandra 530 8 to 80m South
9 Slovenia Osp 233 10 to 140m West and South
10 Slovenia Misja pec 193 6 to 40m South
11 Slovenia Crni Kal 281 12 to 35m Southwest
12 Croatia Raspadalica 35 7 to 35m South
13 Croatia Nugla 19 5 to 26m South
14 Croatia Ciritez 27 11 to 16m Southwest
15 Croatia Kompanj 114 12 to 45m Southwest
16 Croatia Sopot 30 10 to 35m Southwest
17 Croatia Buzetski kanjon 107 10 to 35m South
18 Croatia Kamena vrata 33 8 to 30m Southeast
19 Croatia Istarske toplice 92 12 to 90m Southeast
20 Croatia Cepic 39 7 to 14m Northwest
21 Croatia Ponte Porton 29 8 to 16m Southwest

Map of the rock climbing areas around Osp, Trieste and northern Croatia

Map of the rock climbing areas around Osp, Trieste and northern Croatia

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The above information has been extracted from the Climbing without Frontiers guidebook, which is available to buy from our shop.

Karst Edge rock climbing guidebookAn alternative guidebook for the area is called “Karst Edge”. This describes only 15 crags; 5 in Slovenia including Osp, Misja pec and Crni Kal; plus 10 crags between Sistiana and Trieste in Italy. Buy this guidebook from our shop.

Popular Climbing Routes in Slovenia GuidebookThe Popular Climbing Routes in Slovenia guidebook describes the very best rock climbing routes in the Slovenian Mountains. This includes both mountaineering and pure multi-pitch rock climbing routes most of which are between 350m and 850m long. In total 101 routes are described covering some of Slovenia’s highest mountains such as Jalovec and Travnik. Buy this book from our shop.

Getting to this excellent region is easy, with Trieste Airport close by and Ljubljana airport is 1 to 2 hour’s drive away. The obvious place to be based is at Osp where there is a campsite (open all year round), with both Osp and Misja Pec crags within walking distance. There is also accommodation in Osp as well, such as hotels and apartments. Alternatively there are many holiday apartments to rent on the coast.

Rock climbing is possible throughout the year through the ideal time is the spring and autumn. It can be cold and wet in the winter. With regards to gear a 70m rope is ideal though many routes are possible with a 60m rope. Around 15 quickdraws are usually sufficient.


The definitive sports climbing guidebook called Climbing without Frontiers covers all the crags shown on the map opposite.

The definitive sports climbing guidebook called Climbing without Frontiers covers all the crags shown on the map opposite.
Buy this from our shop.

More information about the crags in Croatia can be found in the definitive Croatia guidebook.
Buy this from our shop.