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Accommodation for rock climbers in Osp, Slovenia

The rock climbing at Osp (which also includes the crags of Misj Pec and Crni Kal.) is one of the largest climbing areas in Slovenia. There are many accommodation options to choose from including bed & breakfast Pansions, self-catering apartments and villas to hotels.

Hostel Ociski Raj

The Hostel Ociski Raj is ideal accommodation for rock climbers visiting Osp and Črni KalHostel Ociski Raj is a hostel with 26 beds, a large common room with kitchen, two bathrooms and reception (with tourist information point).

Hostel Ociski Raj is located in the south western part of Slovenia, only 11km away from climbing at Osp (the largest climbing area in Slovenia) and 8km away from climbing at Črni Kal, in the beautiful village Ocizla. Also nearby are the climbing areas of Risnik, Val Rosandra (Italy) and Napoleonica (Italy).

Why stay at the Hostel Ociski raj?

  • Cheap accommodation (€12/person/night)
  • Good value for money
  • Large kitchen with all equippment 
  • Private rooms
  • Dorms
  • Rich breakfast (5€/breakfast)
  • Children playground
  • Private parking
  • Accessibility – easy to reach
  • 11 km from Mišja peč and Osp
  • 8 km from Črni Kal
  • Nice countryside to explore
  • Great atmosphere
  • Great time and unforgettable moments

Contact the owners directly via email or phone (+38640874745) to book this accommodation or visit their website.

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Rock climbing at Osp is possible throughout the year though the ideal time is the spring and autumn.


The Climbing without Frontiers guidebook covers all the climbing at Osp, Misj Pec and Crni Kal

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