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Average daily peak temperature for NuoroRock Climbing and Bouldering around Nuoro

The majority of rock climbers who visit the Nuoro province of Sardinia head straight for Cala Gonone. While Cala Gonone is at the heart of Sardinian rock climbing and is known as one of the top European rock climbing areas, there are many other excellent areas to go rock climbing around Nuoro. These include the big wall, multi-pitch routes of Supramonte that are situated between Dorgali and Oliena, plus a number of granite bouldering areas to the west of Nuoro.

Map of the rock climbing and bouldering areas around Nuoro & Cala Gonone

Map of the rock climbing and bouldering areas around Nuoro & Cala Gonone Rock climbing and sport climbing in Cala Gonone Rock climbing and sport climbing in Ogliastra

This information has been extracted from the various guidebooks that cover the rock climbing found around Nuoro.  These include Pietra di Luna, Arrampicare a Cala Gonone and Sardinia – Trad and Multi-Pitch guidebooks. Buy rock climbing guidebooks for Cala Gonone and Nuoro from our shop.

Rock Climbing and Bouldering around Nuoro & Cala Gonone

No Region Type of climbing Type of Rock Single or Multi-pitch Max Height
1 Cala Gonone Sport Limestone Both 220m
2 Monte Oddeu Trad/Sport Limestone Multi 305m
3 Gole di Gorroppu Trad/Sport Limestone Multi 600m
4 Surtana Trad/Sport Limestone Both 230m
5 Lanaitto Sport Limestone Both 260m
6 Bruncu Nieddu Trad/Sport Limestone Multi 270m
7 Punta Cusidore Trad/Sport Limestone Multi 370m
8 Monte Maccione Sport Limestone Single 30m
9 Orotelli Bouldering Granite Not Applicable
10 Orani Bouldering Granite Not Applicable
11 Sarule Bouldering Granite Not Applicable
12 Ollalai Bouldering Granite Not Applicable
13 Cala Goloritze Trad/Sport Limestone Both 135m

Sport climbing at Cala Gonone

Cala Gonone has long been established as one of the main rock climbing areas in Sardinia and as such attracts many International visitors. Primarily the majority of the rock climbing here is single pitch sport routes, offering many different styles from slabs, steep walls and fierce overhangs on hard limestone rock.  Find out more…

Big wall rock climbing at Supramonte

Trad and Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing Guidebook for SardiniaThe area of Supramonte is situated between Dorgali and Oliena is an isolated limestone plateau that is indented with deep gorges and huge vertical walls. Therefore it is not surprising that Supramonte offers some of the best big wall, multi-pitch rock climbing on Sardinia. These routes are up to 600m long with many routes between 200m to 300m long on good quality limestone rock.

Though these routes tend to be bolted, they are often well spaced so it is advisable to bring some traditional protection such as nuts and cams, and due to the length of the routes to use duel ropes. By picking your crag appropriately it is possible to rock climb in Supramonte throughout the year. The comprehensive guidebook that covers these routes is called “Sardinia – Trad and Multi-Pitch Climbing Guidebook”, which is available to buy from our shop.

Bouldering around Nuoro

To the west of Nuoro there are several excellent bouldering areas close to the villages of Orani, Orotelli, Sarule and Ollalai. The quality of the granite rock is superb though, which is very rough with large crystals imbedded into it. Ollalai is at an altitude of 1,100m making it ideal to climb from spring right through the summer to the autumn, whereas Orani is at a much lower altitude and offers ideal bouldering from the autumn through the winter to spring. Currently there is no guidebook available that covers the bouldering in Sardinia.
Rock climbing photographs of Supramonte Rock climbing photographs of Supramonte Rock climbing photographs of Cala Gonone Rock climbing photographs of Cala Gonone

Click on these images to view these excellent photographs of rock climbing in the Cala Gonone and Supramonte areas of Sardinia.

Cala Gonone Logistics for rock climbers.

The Selvaggio Blu Trek GuidebookClimb Europe has information about apartments and villas suitable for rock climbers in Cala Gonone. Find out more… For details and logistics on getting to Nuoro and Sardinia, then click here.

Walking in Sardinia

With Sardinia being a very mountainous country it is also a great place for a walking holiday.  The Selvaggio Blu Trek in Sardinia is a tough long distance walking route. Parts of this Selvaggio Blu trek are extremely technical and demanding involving some short stretches of rock climbing and abseiling.  It follows the wild eastern coastline from Santa Maria Navarrese (in Ogliastra) to Cala Gonone. Find out more...


The Pietra di Luna guidebook describes more than 3600 single pitch sport routes in Sardinia

The 5th Edition of the Pietra di Luna guidebook describes more than 3600 single pitch sport routes all over the island of Sardinia, including those around Nuoro and in Cala Gonone.

Buy this guidebook from our shop.