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Rock climbing at Arco - Logistics

Average daily temperature for TrentoThe best time of the year to visit Arco to go rock climbing is either in the spring or autumn. It is possible to climb in the winter though the area is famous for being windy (hence is popular with windsurfers on Lake Garda) and therefore can be cold during the winter. In the summer it can get very hot though it is a popular venue if the Dolomites further north are wet. It's also worth noting that an annual competition takes place at Massone crag at the end of August/beginning of September.

As with most European sport climbing areas it is essential to take at least a 60m rope (70m is ideal) and at least 12-14 quickdraws. At some crags a small rack of wires is also useful. If you intend to climb some of the longer multi-pitch routes then it is advisable to bring a full rack of wires and cams along with duel 50m or even 60m ropes.

How to get to Arco

Getting to Arco by air it is best to fly into either Verona or Brescia airports, both of which are serviced by the budget airlines. It is also worth considering Milan Bergamo airport, which is approximately 50 miles to the east of Brescia. To fully enjoy all the rock climbing in Arco it is necessary to hire a car. Arco is approximately a 50 mile drive from Verona.

What rock climbing guidebooks are available for Arco?

There are 2 definitive rock climbing guidebooks covering the general Arco to Sarche area, both of which are described below and can be bought from our shop.

Rock climbing and sports climbing guidebook for ArcoThe "Arco Rock" guidebook covers all the bolted sport routes in and around the Arco area, which features 136 different crags. Each crag has a location map, and a good description giving a general overview of the area and type of rock climbing to be found there. All the climbs are described with clear topo diagrams.
This excellent guidebook for rock climbing and sports climbing for the Arco region is in English text.

This guidebook is available to buy from our shop.

Map of Arco and the Surrounding Area

Map of Arco and the Surrounding Area
Arco is a popular alternative rock climbing venue when the weather is poor in the Dolomites, which is only a 2.5 hour drive away.

The Best of Arco Rock Climbing GuidebookThe "Arco Walls" guidebook covers all the long multi-pitch rock climbing routes in the Arco to Sarche valley. Included are all the crags at Piccolo Dain (with routes up to 450m long), Monte Brento (with many routes between 800m & 1,000m long) and Monte Casale (with routes up to 1,400m long).

At over 600 pages long the guidebook details 42 separate crags, with each crag having a good location map and excellent topo's for each route. Grades are either UIAA or French depending upon whether the route is bolted. This excellent guidebook for rock climbing in Arco is in English text and was published in May 2013 and is available to buy from our shop.

Alpen en Bloc 1 guidebookThere are also several selective rock climbing guidebooks for Arco.  Climbing routes in the Sarca Valley describes 60 multi-pitch routes between 200m and 700m long that are graded between F5 and F7.  The Best of Arco Guidebook details around 4,000 mainly single pitch sport routes at 71 different crags.  The Arco Summer Spots: Climbing Guidebook covers the areas to rock climb during the summer, where cool crags or shady multi-pitch routes are required.  Buy all of these selective Arco rock climbing guidebooks from our shop.

The Alpen en Bloc 1 guidebook covers nearly 150 problems at Passo San Giovanni just to the south of Arco, with the style of the bouldering characterised by lots of jugs, ledges and pockets.  Buy the Alpen en Bloc 1 guidebook from our shop.

Accommodation for rock climbers in Arco

Accommodation for rock climbers in ArcoThe majority of rock climbers stay in the village of Arco, near Lake Garda. This village has a wide choice of accommodation, ranging from expensive hotels, budget hotels, self-catering apartments and villas, B&B, and camping. Find out more at our Arco Accommodation page.

What else is there to do in Arco?

Arco is also a great place to go mountain biking or try a Via Ferrata route, as well as some great walking and hiking to sample.  Click here for more information about mountain biking around Lake Garda and Arco.


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