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Rock climbing at OltreFinale

As the name suggests this is an alternative area to the classic crags of Finale Ligure. These OltreFinale crags are situated between France and Finale in a series of valleys running into the hills behind the sea. The rock climbing is all on bolted limestone rock and is mainly single pitch sport routes, plus an excellent bouldering area near Triora.

Map of the OltreFinale rock climbing areas

Map of the OltreFinale rock climbing areas Rock climbing at Finale Ligure

The crags of OltreFinale

No Crag Total No of Routes Total number of routes at this grade
3 4 5 6 7 8
1 Val Nimbalto 56 1 9 25 19 2 0
2 Val Varatella 267 2 7 33 167 53 5
3 Val Pennavaire - East 450 0 7 29 231 159 24
4 Val Pennavaire - West 180 0 6 25 79 50 20
5 Valle Argentina 189 0 4 41 105 39 0
6 Val Nervia 7 0 0 0 4 3 0

The above information has been extracted from the local guidebook for this area called OltreFinale rock climbing guidebook, that is available to buy from our shop.

Val Nimbalto is dominated by the Rocca Dell' Aia crag, located at the foot of Monte Carmo. This bolted limestone crag offers a good number of easier multi-pitch routes up to 90m long.

Val Varatella is dominated by the Valle del Vero area, which is positioned behind the caves of Toirano. This area is split into 12 different crags offering bolted sports routes on grey and red limestone rock. Many of the crags face southwest and are therefore ideal for climbing from autumn through the winter into the spring. The majority of the routes are in the 6th grade and are single pitch, though there are some multi-pitch routes up to 200m long.

Val Pennavaire. At a height of almost 1,400m the 28 separate crags of the Pennavaire valley run from Cisano sul Neva in the east past Alto and onto Caprauna in the west. The limestone and climbing style changes from crag to crag, therefore offers something for everyone, from slabs, vertical walls with crimps, to big overhangs with tufas and a bouldering area. There are over 700 sport routes here, which are mainly single pitch though there are some multi-pitch routes. With regards to accommodation, bars and food the main climbers centre revolves around the village of Cisano sul Neva.

Valle Argentina, is made up of 3 separate sport crags, with the largest being Rocce di Loreto, near Triora. This is also close to where the largest bouldering area is, called Triora with 100’s of problems with grades from Fb4 to Fb8b.  The bouldering is on compact limestone rock situated near a river and is split into 6 sectors.  The bouldering at Triora is covered in the BluBloc guidebook that is available to buy from our shop.

OltreFinale sport climbing guidebookClimbing season - The best time of the year to visit the crags of OltreFinale is generally in the autumn and spring. However it is possible to climb at some crags in the winter such as Valle del Vero at Val Varatella, and the high altitude of Val Pennavaire means some crags are climbable in the summer. The best information is in the OltreFinale rock climbing guidebook, which at the start of each section describes the climbing season for each crag. This guidebook can be bought from our shop.

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BluBloc Bouldering guidebook covers Triora

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BluBloc Bouldering guidebook covers Triora

Buy the BluBlock bouldering guidebook that covers Triora from our shop.