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Rock climbing in Peloponnese

The Peloponnese area is the most southerly region of mainland Greece, and includes the cities of Tripoli, Nafplio, and Kalamata.  This is an up and coming rock climbing area that has been developed in recent years in a beautiful part of Greece.  The main rock climbing areas are shown on the map opposite along with details below.

Rock climbing areas around Peloponnese, in southern Greece

No Crag Type of Climbing No. of Routes Best time to climb Type of Rock Popular Grades
1 Nafplio Sport 120 Winter Limestone F4b to F7b
2 Leonidio Sport 950+ Autumn to Spring Limestone F3 to F9a
3 Kyparissi Sport 250 Spring and Autumn Limestone F5a to F9a
4 Zobolo Sport 150 Winter Limestone F5a to F7a
5 Lagada Sport 80 Summer Limestone F5b to F8b
6 Nedousa Sport 100 All Year Limestone F5c to F8a+
7 Kardamyli Sport 31 All Year Limestone F5c to F6b

Leonidio is the largest rock climbing area with more than 950 routes spread across over 50 separate crags.  Here there is a wide variety of climbing with single and multi-pitch routes up to 250m high, with grades from F5a to F9a.  Leonidio is a great place to go climbing in the winter months.

Nafplio is in the Argolis district of Greece where there are over 12 rock climbing areas.  The best of these rock climbing areas are the seaside crags near Nafplio.  Neraki is a red limestone wall next to the sea with 120 routes mostly in the F4b to F7b grade range.

Map of the rock climbing areas in the Peloponnese regions of Greece

Map of the rock climbing areas in the Peloponnese regions of Greece

Kyparissi is a beautiful village set in a stunning coastal location surrounded by limestone of outstanding quality. Across 9 different crags, it has 250 well protected routes across a wide range of grades (F5a to F9a). The crown jewel among them is Babala, a world class crag featuring hard tufa routes.

Zobolo is situated at the tip of the Peloponnese peninsula.  The rock climbing here consists of 150 well bolted routes that are mainly single pitch.  Most of these routes are in the F5a to F7a grade range, though there are a few harder lines.

Lagada is situated at an altitude of around 1,000m near the town of Sparta.  Here there are 4 sectors with the majority of the routes on vertical or slightly overhanging rock, plus there is a large cave with plenty of tufas.  There are around 80 routes in total with grades from F5b to F8b.

Nedousa is a beautiful limestone valley that is situated close to the city of Kalamata.  The steep limestone rock is red with many tufas.  There are around 100 routes with grades from F5c to F8+, though the potential to establish new routes is huge here.

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The Greece Sport Climbing Guidebook covers the sport climbing in the Peloponnese region of Greece

The Greece Sport Climbing Guidebook covers the sport climbing at Leonidio, Nafplio, Zobolo, Lagada, Kleisoura, Kyparissi, and Nedousa in the Peloponnese region of Greece. 

Buy this guidebook from our shop.