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Mountain Biking (MTB) in Italy

Italy has many great and different places to go mountain biking ranging from the mountains of the Alp and the Dolomites to mountainous coastal areas such as Liguria and Sardinia.  The map opposite shows some of the best mountain biking areas in Italy.

MTB around Arco and Lake Garda

MTB North Garda mountain biking guidebookThe area around Arco and the northern half of Lake Garda is widely regarded as providing some of the best mountain biking in Italy with great natural singletrack descents. This area is huge and provides a wide range of routes and trails to suite mountain bikers of all abilities from beginners to the more experienced cyclist with a high level of commitment.  The terrain around Lake Garda provides over a 1,000km of waymarked trails ranging from dedicated cycling paths, cobbled and dirt roads, to mule tracks and paths, along with some ski lifts to whisk you high into the mountains

MTB in the Dolomites

The Dolomites has some of the most dramatic mountain scenery in Europe that is dominated with its sheer limestone peaks.  The Dolomites offers good mountain biking trails and dedicated bike parks.  The Val di Fassa bike park is well known for its sweeping trails through the mountains along with plenty of wooded sections.  The best technical downhill tracks are around Pozza and Buffaure.

Map of the best mountain biking areas in Italy

Map of the best mountain biking areas in Italy Mountain biking in Sardinia Mountain biking in the Dolomites Mountain biking in Liguria and Finale Ligure Mountain biking in the Aosta Valley Mountain biking around Arco and Lake Garda

MTB in the Aosta Valley

The Gran Paradiso National Park is located in the Aosta Valley and is a great destination for a mountain biking holiday.  The trails are centred around Pila that has hosted numerous World Cup Downhill races.  Hence there many technically challenging and fast tracks to enjoy.  There are also many cross country tracks aimed mainly at beginner and intermediate riders that are well linked with a chairlift.

MTB in Sardinia

Photo of mountain biking in SardiniaThe best mountain biking in Sardinia is concentrated in the central and southern part of Sardinia where the island’s highest and most important groups of mountains are found.  There is a great variety and difficulty of mountain biking to choose from, ranging from relaxed climbs on smooth dirt roads and easy fast descents, to a series of difficult and technical tracks deep in the mountains. The photo opposite shows one of the many stunning Sardinian mountain biking trails in a great location.

MTB in Liguria

Mountain biking in Liguria is characterized by classic singletrack routes surrounded by beautiful scenery.  Nowhere is this best illustrated then Finale Ligure – a place of outstanding beauty.  The mountains that rise above the town are full of fantastic rocky singletrack routes overlooking the sea that can be ridded throughout the year.

The MTB North Garda guidebook covers the mountain biking areas around Arco and the northern half of Lake Garda.

MTB North Garda mountain biking guidebook

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